Student Reporting

Student Reporting

Seesaw provides parents with an ongoing window into the classroom to stay up-to-date about what and how their child is learning. Parents no longer have to wait until report cards or parent-teacher interviews to identify struggles or to celebrate successes. Seesaw is private to parents and students unless parents choose to share with other family members such as grandparents.

Seesaw is the online program we use to share student assignments and progress throughout the school year. This program allows us to provide regular feedback about student learning to the students as well as to the parents. Receiving information about student progress regularly makes receiving a report card at the end of a term outdated information when it arrives. Therefore, we will no longer be sending paper report cards home in late January as we had. 

Each year in September, parents will receive an email to connect to their child's Seesaw Portfolio. Parents do not need to make a new account each year and can use the original account throughout their child's schooling. Downloading the Seesaw Parent App on personal devices will allow parents to have the most efficient day-to-day experience when viewing their progress regularly. In January, you will receive correspondence from the school asking you to take time to review your child's Seesaw portfolio with the child and to comment on some of their learning. This process will be easier to view on a larger tablet or desktop computer to allow you to compare learning from the beginning of the year to the current date. An electronic copy, in PowerSchool, of the final report card will be published on the last day of classes in June.

We always value opportunities to see parents face-to-face. Therefore, we will continue to see parents at official interviews and Celebration of Learning times as well as anytime throughout the year as needed. 

Please refer to the table below for timelines.




End of June



Celebration of Learning


Year-End Report Card 


As always, parents are encouraged to contact their child's teacher throughout the year with any questions or concerns about their child's progress.