Friends of Iron Ridge Society

Friends of Iron Ridge Elementary Society (FIRES)

Looking for an easy way to volunteer your time, help out your child’s school or meet other parents?

This sub-committee of the School Council is the, Friends of Iron Ridge Elementary Society (FIRES). FIRES has an established executive including president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. This fundraising body has been established to help with and/or organize fundraisers, which will benefit the students of Iron Ridge Elementary Campus.

The Society is asking any parents who are interested in more information about the society and/or those interested in volunteering their time to help out with simple fundraisers to please attend their next meeting.

Friends of Iron Ridge Elementary Society is currently raising funds to replace some old playground equipment, upgrade student technology (iPads, Chromebooks) and buy books for classroom libraries. 


Board Members

President - Constance G
Vice President -  Brittney B
Secretary - Chelsea F
Treasurer - Shayna B

Casino Chair - Linda M

For more information about the Friends of Iron Ridge Elementary Society please contact:

Constance G



The Annual General Meeting is in January. Check the IREC calendar for specific date details!