School Council

School Council

During the school year, meetings are in-person:

  • All parents are welcome to attend.
  • Only items on the agenda prior to the meeting will be discussed.

Our Mission

The mission of the School Council is to work with the school community to enrich our student's quality of education in a caring environment that promotes life-long learning. 

Meeting Dates

The IREC School Council meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Alice Grigg Library at the school. Please check it out on our Calendar.

The Role of the School Council:

Consult with the principal to ensure students have opportunities to meet Ministry standards, fiscal management is sound and the community’s expectations are taken into consideration during school-based planning.

  • Advise the principal and the school board.
  • Consult with other school councils and provincial organizations.
  • Communicate information to the school community.
  • Focus on the best interests of all students.

What School Councils are Not:

It is important to be mindful, that as with all partners in education, there are limits to the work that can be done by a school council.

Roles that are not to be taken on by a school council include:

  • School governance
  • Employment issues
  • School management
  • Listening to complaints
  • It is not the primary role of school councils to fundraise or lobby.


The membership of the School Council shall consist of the following:

  • Parents of students enrolled in Iron Ridge Elementary Campus
  • Principal of the school
  • Teachers of the school
  • Community Liaison

For more information contact Maureen Schlemko - Principal at 403.885.4646.