School Support System

How Can Parents Support Their Children?

Practicing emotional regulation strategies & academic skills builds confidence and independence.

Did you know that enjoying reading time together lowers stress by 68%?


7Habits of Highly Effective Families  (Covey)

Model the 7Habits at home. Some examples are setting goals, eating healthy, getting proper sleep & problem solving with regulated emotions.

Learn more at 7Habits of Highly Effective Families.

Social-Emotional & Academic Home Support

Enjoy reading with your child every night for at least 10 minutes! Model reading & writing at home. Play fun games with dice or cards to build number sense! 

Encourage play & get outside! Partner with teachers & community services to support high success for your child.

Go to ReaderNation for more information!

Work-Life Balance

Wolf Creek Public Schools strives to provide an environment that can create a balance between work and personal life. At the same time, we are committed to keeping lines of communication with families open to address any questions and concerns. 

You may know that in Wolf Creek we practice what is known as the 7 to 7 rule.

That simply means that unless in the case of an emergency we encourage our staff to not respond to emails between the hours of 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Wolf Creek deeply appreciates you working with us to respect this work-life balance of our staff which benefits all. Additionally, teachers will not likely be able to respond immediately to calls or emails during the school day, but teachers will do their absolute best to return calls and messages at the end of the school day.

We are committed to building strong relationships focused on cooperation.
We truly appreciate your partnership in education as we work together on the success of all students.

7Habits of Problem Solving Conflict & Bullying

Be Proactive:

I’m in charge of me. I can choose my responses towards others. 

I can use my words to solve a problem without hitting or hurting. 

Begin with the End in Mind:

     I can make smart choices: I can calm myself in any situation by using 

my strategies.  I know the end in mind is solving the problem.

            I will always ask an adult if I need help.

Put First Things First:

I can show others that I am a good friend. I will can choose to use my

 words first to problem solve or to communicate my feelings.

Think Win-Win:

I can solve problems by communicating politely 

and appropriately with others, even if I’m upset or feel hurt.

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood:

I can listen to and understand more than one point of view.  

I can understand and listen to others when they say STOP. 

 I understand what I do affects others.  


I can learn from others and be able to work and play in a friendly way. 

Sharpen the Saw:

I can have balance in my life. 

I can eat healthy and get lots of sleep so that I am better 

at problem solving in any situation. 

I can ask my parents for help.

Adapted by M. Schlemko from S. Covey, 2008

7Habits of Digital Citizenship

Be Proactive:

I can choose to follow the group plan and expectations for online class. 

I can choose my responses to others online & take responsibility for myself. 

I understand that the whole world is watching.

I can choose to be kind.

Begin with the End in Mind:

     I can make good online decisions by NOT giving out my personal information 

and by using privacy settings.  

            I will always ask permission from my parents to go online.

I know that not everything posted online is true.

Put First Things First:

I can finish my class learning jobs.

I can finish my house chores.

Think Win-Win:

I can understand more than one point of view.

I can work together to think of many possibilities.  

I can problem solve by communicating politely & appropriately with others. 

I can ask my parents for help if I am unsure of how to solve an online problem.

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood:

I can listen to and understand someone’s point of view.  

I can understand that my parents and teachers

 will have rules that I must follow when I am online.


I can learn with others online.

I can contribute my ideas and appropriately communicate with others online. 

Sharpen the Saw:

I can balance my screen time with other positive elements 

in my life such as family time, a hands-on project and outside recreation.

Adapted by M. Schlemko from S. Covey, 2008