Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

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At Iron Ridge Elementary Campus our students use technology as a tool to aid them with their learning. Technology is essential to facilitate creative problem solving, information fluency, critical thinking skills and collaboration that we see in today's world. While we want our students to be active contributors in our connected world, we also want them to be safe and responsible.

Digital Citizenship is all about instilling responsibility and developing skills for online learning. As teachers and parents, we need to help our children develop a deep awareness of the online connected world, and how to safely work and learn in this exciting new environment. Our staff is working hard to ensure that students understand that online behavior has permanent offline consequences.  

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Student Owned Devices

Iron Ridge Elementary Campus has the wireless infrastructure to support widespread implementation of Student Owned Devices. We are looking forward to increasing the numbers of students bringing in their own devices and getting connected. This will  provide the opportunity to use their device as a learning tool in their day to day classes.