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Family Internet Programs available

There is a program offered through Telus called 'connecting families,' which would give our low-income families free internet for the next two months and then internet at the cost of $9.95 for any months following.  Telus clarified that this program is funded by the federal government and therefore families would need to provide a code from the government in order to be eligible for this program. The link below will connect you directly to the connecting families website. If a family does not have the code, they can click the "about connecting families" in the top right corner and then click "visit this website." There is more information on this page and if you scroll to the button there is a "contact us" which directs you to a separate page with a phone number or online form to complete.   

There is also the 'Internet for Good" program which is provincially funded. This may be an easier way to apply with the same benefits as it sounds as though you do not need the government letter.
"If you have not received a letter, but believe you qualify, please submit your 2018 Canada Child Benefit (CCB) statement showing your family net income of less than or equal to $31,120 to TELUS at The Internet for Good account must be under the name of the individual named on page 1 of the CCB statement."  

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