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Eye See... Eye Learn

Eye See... Eye Learn is a free program available to all Kindergarten students. Comprehensive exams are provided free by Alberta Health, and if a child requires glasses the members of the Alberta Association of Optometrists provide a pair free of charge. 


  • Eye See . . . Eye Learn is a program for kindergarten-aged children.  Any child who has a comprehensive eye exam by a doctor of optometry and requires eye glasses will be provided with a free pair. 
  • No forms are necessary, just book an appointment with your optometrist and tell them you would like to take part in Eye See  . . . Eye Learn.
  • Alberta Health covers the cost of comprehensive eye exams for all children in the province until age 18.
  • The program was developed by the Alberta Association of Optometrists to help children reach their full potential.
  • 25 per cent of children in Alberta begin grade one with an undiagnosed vision or eye health problem, which can interfere with their ability to learn.
  • 80 per cent of learning is visual, which make having a comprehensive eye exam an important start to a child’s learning journey.

Find an Optometrist in your area to schedule an appointment for your child today.

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