Digital Citizenship

Reading with Technology

Reading can have many different purposes and can have many different looks for many different ages!  

Reading is NOT a spectator sport!

The internet and social media sites have enabled readers and writers of all ages to become contributors of information not just consumers of information as in the past.  Thinking critically about what we read and write and having the skills of an engaged reader is crucial is a vital part of digital citizenship. Being an engaged reader includes being able to think critically, comprehend and synthesize what you read.  

Due to the fact that anyone can contribute thoughts and information on the World Wide Web, it is paramount that good digital citizenship is practiced early in a child's web experience-- just like any other environment where humans interact such as the playground.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship refers to appropriate and responsible behaviour when using technology.

Due to the fact that technology is a natural part of our children’s lives, we need to ensure that our children understand the social skills and safety skills that go along with it.  Just like teaching our children how to cross the street safely or how to play kindly, we must teach online skills so that our children will be successful now and in the future.  Kids may be tech savvy but the adults in their lives have life experience needed to teach what the social consequences may be when social media is used inappropriately.  Children are not mature enough to know that online actions have off line consequences.

We use 7 Habits to teach digital citizenship.  Digital citizenship is no different than being a good citizen anytime anywhere -- online or offline.

At Iron Ridge Elementary Campus our students use technology to as a tool to aid them with their learning. Technology is essential to facilitate the creative problem solving, information fluency, critical thinking skills and collaboration that we see in today's world. While we want our students to be active contributors in our connected world, we also want them to be safe and responsible.

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