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Resources for Parents

There are many resources for families to help clarify information and to support coping through COVID-19. Go to WCPS Resources for Parents to find information about symptoms, illness & isolation requirements.


Wolf Creek Public Schools District Re-Entry Plan

Wolf Creek Public Schools District Re-Entry Plan is a thorough plan that will directly guide your local Wolf Creek school on school re-entry. Please take the time to read through the plan carefully.

Wolf Creek Public Schools District Re-Entry Plan 

Iron Ridge Elementary Re-Entry Plan

Our individual school re-entry plan is directly guided by the Wolf Creek district plan, but will speak to local factors and consideration, and was sent to parents via email on August 24th. 


Here is a link to our Iron Ridge Elementary School Re-Entry Plan

Ask a COVID-19 and School Re-Entry Related Question

To ask a questions regarding COVID-19 and School Re-Entry please click on the link below:

WCPS COVID-19 & School Re-Entry Questions

If the question is specific to your local school's Re-Entry Plan, please contact your school directly.