Busing Registration Deadline June 15

ALL students in town MUST register for busing every year.  To know if you are in the user pay area or the 'free' zone you can contact the bus department, see below.


Please register by June 15, 2017

To access busing in Wolf Creek parents must register their children online at  http://www.wolfcreek.ab.ca/BusingApplication.php

Rural (Country) Applications must include both a full legal land description and a complete blue sign (911) address. 

Urban (Town)  ALL TOWN BUS STUDENTS MUST  RE-REGISTERED FOR BUSING EACH AND EVERY YEAR.  Students whose home is less than 2.4 kms from the school are considered “user pay” and will be charged for busing.  Students who fall in the user pay category will only be accepted if there is room on a bus.  If no space is available the students will be placed on a waiting list.     

Parents will receive an automated e-mail saying the application has be received. After the application has been processed (during the summer) you will receive another e-mail indicating if the application has been approved by Transportation Services and if user pay fees apply.  User pay fees must be pre-paid  or a payment installment plan must be arranged before a child can ride the bus.   Applications are processed in the order that they are received.                                                                

All grade 10 and new high school students who are going from the town of Blackfalds to high school in Lacombe must also register.

Failure to provide complete and accurate information will result in a delay of the registration process. 

*Note: User pay fees are reviewed and set by the School Board

For more information contact our office or visit our website.

Email: transportation@wolfcreek.ab.ca

Phone: Ponoka Direct 403-785-0726 or             

403-782-8726 ext. 1335 or 1327                          

Web: www.wolfcreek.ab.ca/transportation